I’m planning on turning this page into something I have trouble finding out on the interwebs.  I’ve been getting back into my passion for electronics.  I’ve been trying to find simple tutorials for non beginners with some things like arduino and raspberry pi, and even some programming languages like c/c++ and Python.  they just don’t seem to exist for the refresher or middle man,  either you know nothing about resistors,  or you know how to make a full fledged android with stochastic AI.  but when you want to, in a words,  rush/refresh your training and get relatively up to speed on some modern arduino microcontroller or AIO single board computers with simple IO pins like a raspberry pi,  you have to sift through hundreds of pages of material from a first year electronics class… if you have already got your classes in and want to get down and dirty and just do it now, let’s try that.  let’s see if I can make this site a goto for old farts like me wanting to add something to their workbench.  and have some fun in the process.

the plan is,  you know what a component is used for,  and why it’s in a circuit. I’m not going to spend more that a very short paragraph stating what a PUT or NPN transistor is for.  if you ask “what is a capacitor” ,  you will get a link as a response because,  come on,  that Information is out there, and you are going to have to search for beginner tutorials to be honest.  I know I’m going to go slow at first,  but I’m hopping after some time,  enough stuff accumulates to give a complete guide to a variety of electronics.

I’m wanting to have a multi part page,  with will also have random simple stupid things the novice but non-noob person may want like the simple way to use x11vnc on your raspberry pi to remote control it’s desktop,  or how to keep your pi’s wifi from losing connection because of “power saving” features.  both of those things were a priority for me to get working recently,  and I’m sure someone would like to know or get my script for installing it in a simple fashion.

anyway,  let’s hope this plan takes off soon

frankly,  there are going to be parts where I’ll just have the source code with loads of comments in them saying exactly what is happening.  and that’s going to be the post..  that’s what I’m looking for..  it may be what you want too..  we will see..

next step is to redesign the site with decent front end and a response client like discus or even G+..  I’ll see as I go.

I’ll have an email setup and you can send I put or ideas.

and yes,  I can sometimes ramble on,  I’ll try to find a way to not make my over talking ways so prominent on my posts…

this stuff down here is going to be moved and a personal page will be created so I do t clutter up what I hope turns out to be a nice Info page..  I’d move it now,  but I’m actually typing this on my phone at 4am. it can wait. 

The core of Terminal Interface originated some time in the 80’s, but for the most part, I focused on DJ work in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I went by a couple of DJ names before settling on Migamix in the mid 90’s after heavy AMiga 1200 use. (still own)
When working on music at a younger age, I would hear a sound, then I would manipulate a synthesizer to recreate those sounds (i.e.: “life-flight” helicopter flying low). Other times i would take a “toy” Casio sampler and “rip” a measure at a set speed off of a turntable (with math *gasp*), giving me an interesting loop to work from.
My interests in computers began in the early 80’s with my first Commodore VIC20 (lost to hurricane Katrina) and now spans many aspects of Computer use and digital life.
I have a great number of interests, but most of them revolve around electronics in some way.
this page will go through some changes soon, while it was originally designed to be just a boring ole personal site, i have decided to work on forum software and other technical views, ideas and topics. You may have a better chance to see what i have been working on on this page, than social media sites (sorry, i dont post my lunches on there). i will end up creating a sub page for the personal stuff, and try to keep the “interests” stuff here, but they will blend. (will they blend?)

one of my most recent projects has been to open a travelers hostel Site61 ( ) while completing the last class of my basic electronics studies.